Clogs are the right shoe for you!!


Say goodbye to back/knee pain, swollen feet/ankles for good. Clogs are just what you need to get you show that you love your feet. Standing all day causes frustration and adds additional stress to those long workdays. Wearing clogs improves posture and gait can lead to decreased lower back, hip and knee pain, as well as relieving and preventing foot condition such as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and Neuromas. Clogs also disperse body weight evenly to prevent pressure points of the foot improving comfort. 

As an individual who has worked in health care for several years, I had up close and personal experience walking hospital floors and clinics while feeling defeated due to back, foot, and leg pain. It wasn't until I started wearing clogs by C & C Sweden, the pain was gone. From then on, I made a promise to myself to start taking care of my feet and have no regrets. Do what it takes to take care of you.